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Terms of subscription :
Subscribe to the applicant Please read the terms below in detail. To maintain the benefits of your membership.
  • Subscription Not incur any costs.
  • Those who want to register To fill themselves with the truth. all the items to your benefit. To participate in the activities of If team detected that you provide false information. The team have Not grant membership. Or cancel my membership
  • Whoever claims, or any other action. Violation of Personal Rights Using the data of others to falsely register in order to be eligible for membership. It is an offense Shall be punished according to law.
  • Applicants must agree to Check out the reality of the application if it finds that he provided false information or unclear. The team have Not grant membership.
  • Members must follow the rules and etiquette of the Set up strictly to the peace within. If you violate team The right to cancel membership
  • Specified Will be kept confidential and will not disclose up team your feedback. Prior permission For the sake of the other side of the Will receive a subpoena or public. The National Police Agency.
  • team We reserve the right to cancel the membership. Without notice Notice - Team We reserve the right to stop the service member at any time without notice. Members in advance
Accepted Conditions

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