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Travel around Ratanakosin Island
                                   Start by worshipping the Emerald Buddha "Pra Kaew Morakod" Start by worshipping the Emerald Buddha "Pra Kaew Morakod", the respectable Buddha statue of Thailand and enjoy the wonderful architecture of the Grand Palace "Phra Barom Maha Rajjawang". Then, visit the old office of the Ministry of Defense noticeable from the old cannons situated in front of the building. Next is the City Pillar Shrine "Sarn Luk Muang", a respectable place for the Thais since the beginning of the Ratanakosin Era. Next, visit the Giant Swing "Sao Ching Cha" and enjoy the red giant sculpture across Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Office. Besides taking pictures, you can enjoy lunch in this area where many classic restaurants are located After that, we can pay respect to Phra Sri Sakyamuni in Wat Suthatthep Wararamworamahawihan. This is the biggest Buddha statue in Thailand and made from mixed metal. Enjoy the classic architecture and historical houses in "Sam Prang" Area. Fulfill your senses with variety of well known food such as "Gor Panich" sticky rice ("Kaw Neaw Gor Panich"), "Prang Nara" pork ball ("Look Chin Prang Nara"), dark soup pasta square ("Kuay Jub"), coconut milk ice cream ("Ice cream Kati Sod") and Ancient Thai pancake ("Kanom Beang")