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Organization of BMA

                         The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is organized in accordance with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Act 1985, to be responsible for the management of the city of Bangkok. It is the sole organization at the local authority level responsible for the well-being of Bangkok residents with some financial support from the central government. The BMA comprises of two main bodies: the Governor and the Bangkok Metropolitan Council.

Governor of Bangkok

Bangkok Metropolitan Council

              The Bangkok Metropolitan Council comprises of elected members. The number of member depends on the number of the Bangkok population. One member represents one hundred thousand people. Currently there are 60 members. The Bangkok Metropolitan Council is, in fact, the legislative body, which usually takes care of making local laws, ordinances, regulations, rules and by-laws as measures of city development and management, and management, and the Bangkok Metropolitan Council also reads, also reads, scrutinizes and approves the consideration and allocation of annual budget. In addition, the Council also acts as the representative of Bangkok’s population to indirect control of the performance of the city administration tasks and to ask for its explanation.


Institutional Framework

         The existing institutional framework of BMA is divided  into 3 offices 16 Departments and 50 district offices (see organization chart). The office acts as the Secretary to the Governor, the Bangkok Metropolitan Council and the Civil Service Commission of the BMA. The Department is responsible for planning, management, supervision, monitoring and evaluation whereas the District Office operates field work. The sixteen departments mostly cover the BMA’s functions specified by laws; city planning, environment, education,strategy and evaluation, public works, social development, health and etc. Each district office also provides services related to tha city's mentioned functions at the district level.